Year of Establishment:1995
Chairman representing Turkey: Muzaffer Çilek
Company: Çilek Mobilya Sanayi ve Paz. Tic. A.Ş.
Counterpart Organisation: Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Counterpart Chairman: Nemanja Vasic
Company: Chairman of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Establishment Agreement for the DEİK/Turkey-Bosnia-Herzegovina Business Council was signed in 1995 with the vision of becoming an important facilitator in the development of bilateral economic relations and of contributing to the revival of the economy of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Turkey was a donor country for the reconstruction of the country after the war, and the Council assumed the task of facilitating cooperation with local partners and advised Turkish companies from large corporations to SME on how to participate in construction contracting and industrial projects.

The main sectors of cooperation identified by the Council are the defence industry, iron and steel, textiles, wood processing, paper, furniture, leather, leather processing, electronics and food. Currently, individual Turkish companies submit proposals to the government regarding legislation and bureaucratic procedures. However, for the Business Council to act as effective lobbying body, this requires regular exchange of information with Bosnian officials. 

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