Year of Establishment:1995
Chairman representing Turkey: Steven Young
Company: Bosch San. Tic. A.Ş.
Counterpart Organisation: DIHK- Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Counterpart Chairman: Dr. Eric Schweitzer

The DEİK/Turkey-Germany Business Council was established in 1996 with the purpose of further developing bilateral trade and investments. The Council pursues the vision of increasing the trade volume between the two countries and of gaining recognition as the main address for information on Turkish-German economic relations that offers relationship management and is committed to an image of Turkey as a priority investment country and business partner for German companies. To achieve this vision, the Council works on the advancement of bilateral economic, trade and investment ties as well as on the development of sector-based cooperation opportunities, joint investments and collaboration in third countries. 

In the context of its vision, the DEİK/Turkey-Germany Business Council has adopted the mission of establishing novel and constructive platforms that ensure the exchange of information that serves the further development of bilateral economic and trade relations. With its international connections and broad range of activities the Council seeks to become a model for organisations that pursue similar goals. The Business Council carries out research and studies on sector-based and regional cooperation opportunities in order to offer Turkish and German companies a comprehensive knowledge basis. The main areas of interest of the high-level cooperation between Turkey and Germany are energy, infrastructure projects, the automotive industry, transport, the machine building industry, plastics, chemicals, environmental technologies, agriculture, health, tourism, construction, information technology and banking as well as other financial services.

The DEİK/Turkey-Germany Business Council lays great emphasis on the integration of SMEs into the global economy. For this purpose the Council plans to develop specific projects and platforms that meet the needs of Turkish SMEs. The Turkey-Germany Business Council is active on a regional and a sector level.

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