Year of Establishment:2010
Chairman: Reşat Bahat
Company: Beta Sağlık Hizmetleri Ltd.Şti., Direktör

The foundations of the DEİK Health Business Council were laid in 2010. Its establishment was led by Turkey’s JCI-accredited health groups and supported by the most prestigious national and international health organisations active in the field of health tourism. With a decision taken later by DEİK’s Board of Directors, the name of the Council was changed from Health Tourism Business Council to Health Business Council (SAİK).

The health tourism sector in our country is dominated by a plethora of non-compatible policies and practices promoted by various official and unofficial organisations and circles. The DEİK Health Business Council’s distinguishing feature is the establishment of an umbrella organisation that represents JCI-certified leading hospital groups active in health tourism, TÜRSAB, THY, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Turkey.

The main objective of the Health Business Council is to provide an organisational structure that can lead the sector and develop strategies. The main purpose of SAİK is to advance the developed health sector of the country to become a global player and to integrate it into the global value chain of high-value services.

To achieve its goals, the Council takes a leading role in promoting the health services in target markets, organises national and international events, generates information and strategies that serve as guidelines for the public, decision makers and market players, and carries out activities designed to attract foreign experience, investments and financial resources to Turkey in order to transform the country into a centre of excellence.

When the Business Council was initially established, its aim was to promote the cooperation between its members and foreign bodies that decide on joint promotion and the purchase of health services.  The list of achievements of the Council in the six years since its establishment in 2010 is quite impressive: export of health services, transfer of health services (in the form of foreign investments in health-related businesses), projecting of training and technical cooperation programmes, knowhow transfer with various foreign health organisations on health management and international patient care, and the coordination with subsectors of the health industry in foreign markets in order to achieve a more comprehensive representation in those markets. 

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