Required qualifications for job applicants in DEİK:

  • A university degree in Economics, Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Law, Communication, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, Statistics or Mathematics (preference is given to the applicants with masters or doctoral degree),
  • Strong analytical and communication skills,
  • Ability to organize and coordinate activities,
  • Knowledge of world economy, economy of Türkiye, international trade, global and international politics, non-governmental organizations and international organizations,
  • Ability to perform research on the national and regional basis and prepare reports,
  • Excellent command of English. KPDS, TOEFL or IELTS is required. Minimum score requirements:  KPDS – 90 (scores are valid for 5 years), the internet-based TOEFL (İBT) - 100, computer-based TOEFL (CBT) – 243 (valid for 2 years), IELTS at least 7.5 in each section (valid for 2 years),
  • Candidates with the knowledge of the second language, such as Russian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, French, Spanish or Italian are preferred.
  • Strong written and verbal skills in order to communicate with the private sector organizations, as well as embassies, ministries, partner organizations and governmental entities,
  • For male candidates completed military service,
  • No restrictions for domestic and overseas travel,
  • Compliance with the flexible working arrangements

Our goal is to ensure proper placement of the personnel according to their knowledge, skills and competencies. In order to apply for position at DEİK candidates matching the upper mentioned qualifications should send the cover letter in Turkish / English / (or Russian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Farsi, French and etc.) together with detailed CV to the e-mail: Candidates matching our criteria will be contacted for interview, written examination and subject to additional processes.

CVs and cover letters sent to the General Secreteriat of DEİK and matching the above qualifications are saved in the bank of resumes. The candidates may be contacted in the future in case the suitable position is opened.

Internship applications :

As of 2021, internship applications of university students will be received through Career Gate within the scope of “Internship Mobilization Project”. You can follow the announcements on and make your applications.