DEİK supports Turkish Lira mobilisation: "Every domestic transaction with our Turkish Lira helps build our future."

DEİK is very well aware that a strong economy and a strong national currency enhance a country's position with respect to other countries.

We believe that a country with a strong economy is more respected internationally.

The official currency of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Lira, is a symbol of our country's independence and sovereignty, and we want its value to reflect this. We want our currency and our economy to be strong and respected among other countries and of influence on a global level.

To achieve this, first and for all the citizens of our country must rally to their currency, must believe in it, and must use it in their commercial transactions. DEİK has been authorised with the advancement and deepening of the foreign economic ties of the Turkish business community. In this capacity, DEİK fully supports the approach of our President and our Central Bank toward protecting the value of our national currency, and declare our readiness to do whatever we can do to strengthen our economy.

"We build the future with our Turkish Lira."

For this purpose we support, as a matter of priority, the use of local currencies in our trade with countries in our geographical neighbourhood. In our future domestic business transactions with all our stakeholders we will request payment in Turkish Liras only. To become the standard bearer of this cause, we will lay this down in the terms and conditions of our contracts with them.

Our times are characterised by economic crises and upheaval all over the world, and we are only too aware of the need for stability in particular for trade. We believe in our country, our independence and our economy, and we know that to advance our status, we must stand together. We call upon our countrymen to do what is expected of them and act with the necessary sense of responsibility.