DEIK/Turkey-UAE Business Council's Dubai committee visit was led by UAE Business Council Chairman Mehmet Habbab on May 8-9, 2017 in Dubai where he was accompanied by many Turkish business people from different sectors such as chemical industry, real estate, and textile sectors.

Within the visit, "UAE-Turkey Business Community Meeting" was held on May 8, 2017 and was attended by Dubai Chamber President and CEO Hamad Buamim, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry's Chairman Majid Saif Al Ghurarir, Turkish Abu Dhabi Ambassador Can Dizdar, Turkish Consul General Erdem Ozan, Turkish Commercial Counsellor Hasan Önal, Mashreq Bank's CEO Abdulaziz Al Ghurair, DEİK Dubai Business Council and many business people from various companies operating in banking, iron-steel, port management sectors.

DEİK/Turkey-BAE Business Council Chairman Mehmet Habbab drew attention to the significance of the first business committee visit to Dubai and emphasized the investment opportunities in the sectors of port management, textile, and ready-to-wear. Habbab highlighted that Dubai capital can be utilized in more innovative technologic products and start-ups in Turkey. He expressed that they want to unite Dubai capital with Turkish business community's experience and knowledge. The "rich" countries located in the western side of Turkey and UAE, actually houses 1.5 billion people whereas in the eastern side of UAE and Turkey 5.5 billion people reside. Turkey's trade with the Arab world has reached a volume of 37 billion US Dollars and in some Arab countries visas are lifted and this had positive impacts on trade.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry's Chairman Majid Saif Al Ghurarir expressed that they are pleased with Turkish committee's visit to Dubai and with the organization of the first meeting. "Turkey and UAE has a long history and trade volume increases day by day. Two countries have strong synergy and UAE's biggest trade partner is Germany with the total volume of 15 billion US Dollar. UAE's trade volume with Turkey has reached 10 billion US dollar yet we want to increase it in the near future. UAE can benefit from Turkey's experience in the sectors of manufacturing and construction" said Mr. Al Ghurarir.

Turkish Abu Dhabi Ambassador Can Dizdar expressed that Turkey is contributing to UAE's stability and security. Turkish construction companies are taking major roles in the UAE's structuring and approximately 600 Turkish construction companies are still active and undertake projects with the value of 10 billion US Dollars.

DEİK and UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a Business Council Cooperation Protocol. Within the visit, an expedition was organized to Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone. On 9th of May, Turkish Businesspeople living in Dubai met with the board members of Dubai-Turkey Business Council.         

Turkey-UAE bilateral trade (Ministry of Economy-2016)

Export to Turkey from UAE: 5.4 billion US Dollar

Main export items: Jewelry, iron, oil, machinery and mechanical appliances and carpets

Turkey's Import from UAE: 3.7 billion US Dollar

Main import items: Gold, jewelry, oil, iron-steel rods, and carpets

Total trade volume: 9.1 billion US Dollar

Trade balance:  1.7 billion US Dollar