Eurasia Higher Education Summit has begun in Istanbul organized by the Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS). Over 2,000 academicians from 53 countries participate to 3-day-summit and Eurasia's regional education policies and trends will be designated.

Established to develop Eurasia's education diplomacy and create education policy, Eurasia Universities Union (EURAS), is organizing its second summit on March 22, 2017 in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center.

"A meaningful message from Turkey to the World"

Eurasia Universities Union's (EURAS) President and DEİK/Higher Education Business Council President Dr. Mustafa Aydın stated "First summit organized in 2016 exceeded our expectations, as a result, "Study in Turkey" brand's awareness has increased across globe and has become reputable. Coordinated with Foreign Economic Relations Board, EURIE 2017 is the sector's largest third education summit in the world. We host over 2000 academics, researchers and PhD students from all over the world. We have 200 stands in the exhibition area, 33 panels and seminars by 75 experts in the conference area; thus, we are hosting a 3-day-education festival. Thanks to EURIE, many new projects and cooperation will take place. During the summit, internationalization, education policy, student exchange programs and region's education strategies and opportunities will be discussed. Despite negative perception created after the coup attempt on the July 15, EURIE 2017 summit will be a good message with good intents of bringing up a new generation in peace.


DEİK President Ömer Cihad Vardan expressed that he is motivated by EURAS President's Dr. Mustafa Aydın's excitement and passion towards internationalizing in education. One of EURIE 2017's partners is DEİK/Higher Education Business Council, Vardan continued by "No one can stand against change. Change is significant in education and education accelerates change. We do not have the luxury to deny the change. But we are responsible, thus, we need to steer the transformation and canalize so that it will be beneficial for the society. We need to manage this period by considering our core values, culture, dynamics in our society and our potential. While doing this, we need to position education above all. Our universities hold international standards and transformation continues. Standards of education are elevated. We want to be the country that set the standards of education not the one pursuing the standards."


Council of Higher Education's (YÖK) Deputy-Chairman Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal reminded that number of universities has reached 183. "There are over 7 million students in 183 universities. With this volume, Turkey is the second most populated country in Eurasia following Russia. Number of international students educated in Turkey has exceeded 100,000. Even though this number might seem low on ratio basis, our universities demonstrated their success despite negativity Turkey has experienced recently. Furthermore, we are trying to give support to development strategies in the regions with our universities. Already 5 universities have been authorized by Council of Higher Education to support regional development. Studies are being conducted for other regions and universities as well as for the research focused universities. Up until now, 52 universities submitted their applicaitons regarding this subject. Process will begin in June" said Mr. Mandal during his speech.


Minister of National Education Dr. Ismet Yılmaz has drawn attention to budget increase in education over 15 years. Minister Yılmaz, in 2001 only 10% of the budget which was 11 billion TRY, in 2017 %20 of the budget which is 202 billion TRY is allocated to education. "No other subject is more important than education. One who is neglecting education will neglect everything. For example, as the ministry we are working to optimize the ratio of teacher to student. Regarding higher education, we need to collaborate with international education institutions within the framework of education diplomacy. We need to develop strategic partnerships in the fields of education. We, as the Ministry of National Education, are ready to support every project that will take our education a step further. Our dream is developed Turkey and Eurasia in peace" said the Minister during his opening speech.