DEİK sheds light on new business publications to Turkish business world representatives aiming to invest abroad and to discover new markets in foreign trade. The reports, which have been published over the past two years and detail the trends in Iran, India, China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Vietnam and global foreign investment, address sectoral potential and cooperation opportunities in countries. It is also planned to prepare reports for different countries to examine the investments to be made under short-term and medium-term economic development plans based on the country.

The 'Analysis of Iranian Economic and Trade Impact after the Embargo' report investigates opportunities after the embargo period in Iran which is the new shining star of the Middle East. In this report, there are works on a sectoral basis and potential areas of cooperation which is expected that Iran will reveal its true potential. It is observed that the report which is prepared in cooperation with TİM has aroused wide interest in Turkish business circles.

In the 'India Opportunity Analysis' and 'The Dragon and Crescent in the Asian Century: A Roadmap for the Development of Turkey-China Economic Relations' reports, Asia's important countries are analysing through the eyes of Turkish entrepreneur. It is aimed to guide under the 9 chapters on the development of economic relations between the second largest economy of the world which includes both product and sector based analyses of Turkey; on the other hand, the world's fastest-growing economy, India, is taking into account the contribution of the positive momentum created by the global economy.

Another DEİK publication is that the Sub-Saharan Africa Energy Investment Environment, which examines the short- and medium-term movements of investments in sub-Saharan Africa and the world's most potential energy sector. The workshops and analyses are presented with a road map supported by sample-based analysis of the country-specific technologies and possible moves from the global companies.

The 'Overseas Investment Index Report', which was published in May for the last two years, is drawing attention due to the index that announced every year. Entrepreneurs use DEİK Foreign Investment Index as base in foreign investment decisions for 2 years. DEİK, which determines the way which investments will follow, examines the emerging markets, global investment trends and the countries that fall back into the list.