Nail Olpak, Chairman of the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), made a written assessment for the Turkish business world regarding the meetings between President Erdogan and state leaders at the NATO Summit.
Olpak stated the following in his remarks:
"Our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, within the scope of the NATO Summit, held bilateral meetings with many leaders, including US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The meetings resulted in a positive and productive picture for Turkey, with which we are very pleased.
As the Turkish business world, we believe that our economic and commercial relations with friendly and allied countries in NATO will continue with a much stronger momentum in the upcoming period. We see that productive contacts and cooperations are established with Western countries, which are our biggest commercial and economic partners, shaping the world economy and global trade. We believe that this constructive and conciliatory approach will also contribute to our business world, which will shift the gears up in global trade.
In addition, our Minister of Trade, Mr. Mehmet Muş, was in Brussels with the EU Commission officials, especially the modernization of the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU; the development of commercial and economic relations, cooperation in the field of supply chains and green transformation, and fruitful talks on the positive agenda of Turkey-EU are also pleasing for the business world.
We, as DEİK, will continue to work for more trade in line with common interests by always maintaining open communication between countries in our commercial diplomacy activities with our Business Councils. We will continue to take decisive steps towards getting a bigger share from world trade with new steps to be taken in terms of bilateral trade, mutual investments, industrial cooperation and exports."