With the attendance of President of Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukaşenko, Belarus-Turkey Business Forum took place in Belarus' capital Minsk. The forum was organized by Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) and hosted by Belarus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

During opening speech, President of Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdoğan asserted that as a result of failed coup attempt, Turkish economy is being put into a test and citizens are trying to resist both armed and economic forces. The implication of state of emergency has not been significant to business world; Turkey vigorously continues to pursue its economic agenda as well as major investments at full speed. Turkey's target for 2023 is to be one of top 10 economies of the world; country has shown great progress both in democratic and economic arena since 2002.

Erdoğanindicated that an agreement is signed covering 9 major topics but alsoo both parties exchanged ideas on major sectors such as transportation, telecommunication and construction. He added that negotiations are being carried out in order to meet the target of 1 billion for the sake of incentivizing business between two countries.

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukaşenkounderlined that the cooperation between two countries should be accelerated. Due to regional economic crisis, the collaboration has become more critical thus mutual investments should grow. Belarus provides great investment opportunities to Turkish businessmen since it is in the progress of privatization and he hopes for long term cooperation.

President of DEİK Ömer Cihad Vardanstated that this Forum is an indicator of a new era with more than 200 participants from Turkey and 250 participants from Belarus. He continued his speech, "Both countries' leaders are visionary and keen to develop business; this should be an enabler to develop commercial and economic relations".

Before Belarus-Turkey Business Forum, representatives of Belarusian and Turkish companies came together in B2B meetings. 

Turkey-Belarus Trade Fact Sheet (Ministry of Economy-2015)

Total Trade Volume: 398 Million USD

Export from Turkey to Belarus: 205 Million USD

Main Export Items: Textile, auto parts and accessories, fruit

Import from Belarus to Turkey: 193 Million USD

Main Import Items: Iron-steel, minerals, fertilizer

Trade Balance:  13 Million USD