Turkey-Africa Economy and Business Forum took place between 2nd and 3rd of November 2016 with the collaboration of Ministry of Economy of Turkey, African Unity and TIM. Primarily, infrastructure, energy and transportation sectors were scrutinized and many agreements were signed.

Thematic Session called "Project Finance in Africa: Infrastructure, Transportation, Energy" was in Istanbul with the participation of Minister of Economy of Turkish Republic Nihat Zeybekci, and African Unity's Economic Affair's Representative Dr. Antony Mothae Maruping.

During Minister of Economy's opening speech, he indicated that many high level participants gathered at forum to discuss Africa's project finance of infrastructure, transportation and energy topics.

As of the first day of the Forum, both parties were pleased with the fruitful sessions, helpful B2B meetings and private sector meetings. Minister Zeybekci hoped that this spirit will continue and business will flourish since the future lies in Africa. 

Future is in Africa

During his speech, Minister Zeybekci stated that Turkey and Africa has a deeper connection and the effort that Turkey invests in Africa will not only have an impact in our region but it will have global effect. He added that difficulties ignite development and most of the countries have dealt with hard times. Furthermore, Africa needs to solve energy and transportation problems via creation of infrastructure project finance.

 "There is a lot to do in our continent"

African Unity's Economic Affair's Representative Dr. Antony Mothae Marupingadded that Africa holds great significance in terms of infrastructure and energy matters. The projects can be put into practice via consortium, build-operate-transfer model, public-private sector cooperation.

4 Agreements are signed between Turkey and African Countries

Within Forum, between Turkey and some African countries 4 different agreements are signed. In the signing ceremony and press conference, Minister Zeybekci emphasized that Turkey's support to Africa will continue to increase. Both parties are eager to do business together and Turkish and African governments will be the enablers to create a win-win situation. In order to maximize the effort, more than 20 projects have been presented and more than 2.000 businessmen met.