Turkey-Czechia Business Forum is attended by the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkish Republic Faruk Çelik, Minister of Agriculture of Czechia Marian Jurečka Vice-President of Czechia Chamber of Commerce Borivoj Minar,  DEİK President Ömer Cihad Vardan ve DEİK/Turkey-Czechia Business Council President Halil Kulluk on January 31,2017 in Ankara.

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkish Republic Faruk Çelik stated 39 countries (that of 29 in Africa) across globe has problem with access to food. World's richest portion (%20 of globe) consumes 70% of total agricultural output. By 2050, agricultural output needs to grow by 60%, nevertheless, Turkey will increase its output with its national agricultural output and it aims to reach trade volume of 5 billion USD.Bilateral trade volume between Czechia and Turkey is 126 milllion USD and based on the experience with Russia, it is crucial to diversify markets in agriculture business. Bearing this in mind, Turkey will work harder with Czechia and cooperation with 3rd countries needs to be increased as well.

Agriculture Minister of Czechia Marian Jurečka, underlined the importance of agriculture and stated a country with no access to water and food can only survive 30 days. Agriculture holds great significance in Czechia and governmen contributed to extend agriculture fields. Czechia is leader in many fields of agriculture. Czechia is one of the biggest livestock exporter to Turkey. Business forum will enable to strengthen relations between two countries and increase cooperation in the field of agriculture. Czechia is always ready for partnerships with Turkey.

DEİK President Ömer Cihad Vardan:"Lately agricultural output and food security have become global problems. Nowadays, food scarcity especially takes place in the developing countries demonstrate the significance of agricultural output." National and international strategies need to be developed in order to overcome agricultural output problem, thus, "responsible" investments in agriculture will play crucial role in resolution. Turkey is grateful for Czechia's support in Turkey's EU membership, "Turkey-EU relations followed positive trend in the first half year of 2016, but unfortunately, relation regressed by the end of 2016. The European Parliament's decision to suspend EU membership talks with Turkey is a sign of dishonor since both parties have been negotiating for over 50 years. As Turkish Business World, we always supported and will support Turkey's membership to EU. Yet, lately relations have become political and this inhibits economic and social advancement. The process of revising Customs Union is coming up, we ask our Czechian friends for their help and support. Especially, tremendous transformation in the field of agriculture is expected

TURKEY- CZECHIA TRADE FACT SHEET (Ministry of Economy- 2016, Jan-Nov)

Total Trade Volume: 3,05 Billion USD

Export from Turkey to Czehcia:737 Million USD

Main Export Items: Motor vehicles, parts and components for motor vehicles and textie

Import from Czechia to Turkey: 2,32 Billion USD

 Main Import Items: Motor vehicles, automatic data processing machines and air conditioning.

Trade Balance: 1,58 Billion USD in favor of Czechia