Turkey-Africa Economy and Business Forum took place in Istanbul hosted by the Ministry of Economy of Turkey in cooperation with African Union. The forum is attended by President of Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of African Union who also serves as the Head of State of Chad Idriss Deby, Minister of Economy of Turkish Republic Nihat Zeybekci, Ministers from many African countries and more than 2,000 executives and entrepreneurs from 50 different African countries.

"Under the name of globalization, one system of government is imposed to other countries"

During President Erdoğan's opening speech in the forum, he mentioned that the Forum is the evidence of Turkey's cooperation with Africa and African Union. The world is going through a stage in which border and distance become less important every day and world is becoming a global village yet during this process a one system of government is imposed under the name of globalization. Not only rising powers like Turkey but other African, South American and Asian countries are affected during this process.

President Erdoğanstated that this imposed system does not take Africa's priorities, social structure, culture and traditions into consideration instead it creates a new colonist model in other words modern slavery. With the new colonial model, the chains that use to hold hands and feet several centuries ago are now used to chain our economy, industry, political system.

"We set Africa's priorities as our own"

Presidentcontinued, "Turkey is treating African Continent's priorities as its own since 2005 with "African Expansion" kick off and Turkey wants to form long term relations on win-win basis. Turkey has a lot to learn from Africa's deep knowledge, experience and strong resistance."

Up until today, Trade and Economic Partnership Agreements were signed with 40 different African countries in order to strengthen economic and commercial relations. Within DEİK, there are Business Councils that are actively connected with 34 African countries.

"Trade volume between Turkey and Africa has tripled in past decade"

President of African Union who also serves as the Head of State of Chad Idriss Debyacknowledged that trade between Turkey-Africa has tripled in the past 10 years and the Forum is an indicator of growth potential.

DuringPresident of African Union's speech, he identified forum's main goal and it is to strengthen relations of Africa-Turkey and to gain mutual benefit despite global financial crisis and economic regression. In addition, Africa provides a great opportunity via its water resources, raw materials, young population and demographics, plus, many African countries hosted many forums in order to attract foreign investment and strengthen their economy.

"Africa will be the growth engine of the global economy"

During Minister of Economy of Turkish Republic Nihat Zeybekci's speech, he asserted that "Turkish government regards Asia, Europe and Africa as ancestral heritage and as the cradle of civilization. Turkish Airlines owns the most extensive network in Africa connecting Africa's east to west, south to north. As a result of this step, total trade volume has quadrupled only in 10 years becoming 20 Billion USD. Turkey is investing almost everywhere in Africa via railway, road, hospital, stadium, hotel and in many other sector." He continued his words: "We believe in Africa, global economy has been in a recession in the past decade, however, Africa will be the growth engine for the next 10 years.

"We are ready to unite, discover and develop"

DEİK President Ömer Cihad Vardan reminded that President Erdoğan initiated Africa expansion 11 years ago and decided to unite the continents. As a result of this initiative, relations with Africa have reached a different point, we've got to know our African friends and they've got to know us much better. We've started to discover each country's needs and how to address them as well. President Erdoğan stated that Turkey is trying to develop relations with the slogan "Unite, Discover and Discover".