Year of Establishment:1997
Chairman representing Türkiye: Abubekir Salim
Company: Anatrica Uluslararası Maden ve Kimya Yatırımları A.Ş.
Counterpart Organisations: The Black Business Council (BBC) / Business Unity South Africa (BUSA)
Counterpart Chairmans: Kganki Matabane / Mark Nowitz 

DEİK/Türkiye-South Africa Business Council was established in 1997 in order to improve bilateral business relations between two countries. Türkiye's most important business partner in sub-Saharan Africa is the Republic of South Africa. Free Trade Agreement negotiations are still work-in-progress. FTA is expected to boost bilateral trade thus, Business Council is using every possible platform to lobby for the treaty.

The Republic of South Africa has a highly-developed infrastructure that extends to its neighbouring countries creating an advantageous starting point for market entry into other sub-Saharan countries. The Business Council is, therefore, not only interested in deepening bilateral relations but also serves as a platform for joint Turkish-South African ventures in third countries.

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