Year of Establishment:1993
Chairperson representing Türkiye: Burak Burçin Kılıçoğlu
Company: Ventus Gıda ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Counterpart Organisation: Moldova Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Counterpart Chairperson: Sergiu Harea
Company: Moldova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Board

The DEİK/Türkiye-Moldova Business Council was announced to the business community on 18 February 2011. The announcement was made in a press release at a Joint Business Council Meeting on the occasion of its 18th anniversary which was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova, Valeriu Lazar.

Moldova offers the advantages of closeness to Central Europe and of Free Economic Zones for investments of all sizes. Besides with its Counterpart Organisation, the Business Council also works in close cooperation with various state institutions, ministries and investment agencies. Its activities are focussed on the encouragement of investments by Turkish companies in textiles, agriculture, food processing and packaging, and in the construction sector.

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