Year of Establishment: 2022
Founder Chairperson: Dr. R.Erdem Erkul
Chairperson: Dr. R. Erdem Erkul
Company: Cerebrum Tech, Founder and Chairman


As 148th Business Council under DEİK, DIGITECH is committed to carry out projects on;


  • Globalizing Türkiye’s digital technologies ecosystem
  • Adapting to new trends
  • Access to international finance, digital transformation and regulations

DIGITECH’s aim is;

  • Increasing the number of Turkish companies under Fortune 500 and number of Turkish unicorns (Turcons),
  • Making Türkiye a tech hub and creating digital corridors with other countries
  • Enhancing Türkiye’s export of high technology products
  • Promoting the internationalization of tech companies via 144 bilateral business councils of DEİK
  • Supporting digital transformation of industrial companies by partnering up with start-ups
  • Increasing the venture capital in the sector in both size and number by creating platforms to bring together global venture capitals, domestic venture capitals, scale-ups and start-ups
  • Identifying the problems faced by the sector and informing respective governmental bodies about those problems

Committees Under DIGITECH:

  • Cloud Technology
  • Financial Technologies (Fintech)
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Gaming
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Technologies
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Venture Capital
  • Health Technologies
  • Web3-Blockchain

Other Business Councils