Year of Establishment:2010
Coordinating Chairperson: R.Erdem Erkul
Company: Cerebrum Teknoloji Yazılım San. ve Ticaret A.Ş, Chairman

Since 1986, the knowledge acquired and generated by the bilateral Business Councils has been made available for sector-oriented studies in order to improve its vertical benefits. In 2010, DEIK’s board of directors decided to establish Sector-Specific Business Councils. Their purpose is to gather valuable sector-related information in one place and, in collaboration with the public and the private sector as well as with civil society organisations, to establish development plans. In this context, the Sector-Specific Business Councils conduct bilateral business talks and organise promotional meetings abroad. They further prepare sector-based reports and cooperate with foreign representatives of defined target countries on the advancement of their relations.

DEİK Health Business Council
DEİK Higher Education Business Council
DEİK Energy Business Council
DEİK Logistics Business Council
DEİK International Technical Consulting Business Council
DEİK Digital Tecnologies Business Council

Other Business Councils