Year of Establishment: 2011
Founder Chairperson: Erdil Sığınmış
Chairperson representing Türkiye: Hidayet Onur Özden
Company: GCL Geri Kazanım ve Rafineri A.Ş.
Chairperson of Counterpart Organization:  Abdul Kader Azad
Company and Position: Chairman
Counterpart Organization: FBCCI (Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

During the Visit of former Turkish Republic Chairman Abdullah Gül to Bangladesh in 2009, establishment of DEİK/Türkiye-Bangladesh Business Council was decided. On the occassion of the ‘Least Developed Countries Summit’ held in Istanbul, Business Council became official and it puts effort to improve bilateral trade and industrial cooperation. The Business Council intends to increase the number of Turkish companies’ presence and network in Bangladesh.

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