Year of Establishment: 1996
Chairperson representing Türkiye: Hülya Gedik
Company: Gedik Holding A.Ş.
Chairperson of Counterpart Organization: Gbs Raju
Company and Position: GMR Holding, Chairman
Counterpart Organization: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
Website: www.ficci.com

DEİK/Türkiye-India Business Council puts efforts to improve the conditions for bilateral trade and industrial cooperation between the two countries. The Business Council intends to increase the number of companies that have business contacts with India.

DEİK/Türkiye-India Business Council has been actively working in a close cooperation with FICCI to improve the bilateral economic relations. The Business Council was established in 1995 in order to create an instrument that brings business communities together, identifies new fields for cooperation and tries to set aside the difficulties and obstacles. Since then, the Business Council has been engaged in various aspects of bilateral relations and has done a lot to increase the bilateral trade volume as well as the interest in bilateral investments. A growing interest in terms of trade and investment cooperation from the both sides has been witnessed recently.

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