Year of Establishment: 2006
Founder Chairperson: Osman Yıldırım Coşkun
Chairperson representing Türkiye: Bilgün Gürkan
Company: Bank Of Bahrain And Kuwait Türkiye Temsilcilik Ofisi
Counterpart Organisation: Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Counterpart Chairperson: Ahmed Abdulla Bin Hindi
Organisation / Company: Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In 2006, the Bahrain Businessmen Association signed an agreement with DEİK on the establishment of the DEİK/Türkiye-Bahrain Business Council. The purpose of the Council is to boost the trade volume between the two countries and to identify and develop business and investment opportunities in Türkiye and Bahrain. In this context, the Council organises meetings of members of their business communities on various platforms and ensures the exchange of information on lucrative business areas. The Business Council also carries out activities designed to promote the Turkish economy in Bahrain. Bahrain’s geographical position and the fact that the country has signed a Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America offer Turkish businesses there certain advantages. Before this background, the Council promotes the following business sectors in particular: finance, real estate property, tourism, durable consumer goods, the automotive supplying industry, food, textiles, construction materials and technology. 

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