Year of Establishment:1991
Founder Chairperson: Faruk Erkoç
Chairperson representing Türkiye: Mustafa Zeki Sarıbekir
Company: Sarten Ambalaj San.Tic.A.Ş.
Counterpart Organisation: Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Counterpart Chairperson: Tsvetan Simeonov
Company: Chair of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The agreement for the DEİK/Türkiye-Bulgaria Business Council was signed in 1991 in Sofia. The Business Council was reorganised in 1995 during a state visit by the President of the Republic of Türkiye, Süleyman Demirel. Until then the Council’s activities were based on a Protocol of Understanding only. The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry assumed the role of Counterpart Organisation.

The main purpose of the Business Council is to improve the volume of trade between the two countries and to encourage Turkish companies to take part in the Bulgarian privatization process. The fact that Türkiye and Bulgaria share a common border is an incentive for the cooperation of their respective business communities in their own right. While Bulgarian firms show a particular interest in Türkiye’s food market and the country’s energy projects, Turkish companies are focused on construction and contracting as well as infrastructure projects in Bulgaria. The Business Council maintains contacts with regional and sector businesses and organizes delegation visits.

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