Year of Establishment:1995
Chairperson representing Türkiye: Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ
Company: Mada Girişim Proje Yönetim ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. 
Counterpart Organisation: DIHK- Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Counterpart Chairperson: Peter Adrian

About the Türkiye-Germany Business Council

The Türkiye-Germany Business Council is the leading non-governmental platform for facilitating trade and investments between Türkiye and Germany as well as facilitating joint ventures and cooperation in third countries. It takes an entrepreneurial approach, serving as a forum for discussion and as an information hub on business-related matters with the aim of deepening bilateral economic relations.

Founded in 1996 as part of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (DEİK) – the private sector business association combining 140 bilateral Business Councils worldwide – the Türkiye-Germany Business Council has a long tradition in fostering the economic relations between Türkiye and Germany. The Council is the Turkish counterpart of the German Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and is represented by its Chairman Steven Young, Chairman of the Executive Board and Board Member of Dalgakıran Group.

Members and industries

Institutionally, the Türkiye-Germany Business Council represents more than 50 companies ranging from large enterprises to medium sized companies, smaller organizations and hidden champions representing key business sectors that drive economic cooperation between Germany and Türkiye: automotive, machinery and equipment, aerospace and defense, energy, infrastructure and transport, chemicals, agriculture, health, tourism, construction, information technology and financial services. Its members have strong affiliations with Germany, with many companies being subsidiaries of large German enterprises or having a German parent company. Beyond this, there are numerous individual entrepreneurial success stories, a rich history of personal cultural ties and deep cultural engagement within German society.

Germany and Türkiye maintain extensive relations. Türkiye has transformed into a strategic business partner for German companies, contributing to innovation with its diversified economy, its position as geographical hub, a skilled workforce, increased R&D capabilities as well as a prospering start-up ecosystem. There are an abundance of interesting and astonishing facts and Turkish-German entrepreneurial success stories that uniquely connect both countries.

Mission statement

It is the mission of the Turkish-Germany Business Council to seize and amplify these unmatched opportunities to deepen and accelerate business activities on both sides. The already strong economic, social and cultural relations between both countries lay the groundwork for further successful engagement.

The Türkiye-Germany Business Council is committed to promoting an economic framework that contributes to bilateral trade and investments in both directions and facilitates strengthened institutional and stakeholder dialogue on these topics. Thereby, the Council is open to engage with Turkish and German companies and institutions with a genuine interest in contributing to enhancing the bilateral relations.


The Turkish-Germany Business Council is driven by an established set of values guiding its actions

Business excellence

Working for the benefit of all stakeholders is at the heart of everything that the Türkiye-Germany Business Council does. It applies the highest quality standards, combining expert knowledge with innovative thinking and acting as a reliable and trusted partner to its stakeholders.

Building bridges

Türkiye’s is a regional hub connecting the world’s biggest markets. As such building bridges comes naturally to the Türkiye-Germany Business Council. By bringing people and business together, it enables and encourages vivid exchange for the mutual benefit of all.

Open dialogue

It is the Türkiye-Germany Business Council’s firm belief that the exchange of ideas, viewpoints and visions are fundamental to creating mutual understanding and trust. An open dialogue forms the basis of any successful business relationship.

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