Year of Establishment: 2013
Chairperson representing Accredited Türkiye: Şerif Tosyalı
Company: Tosyalı Holding A.Ş.
Counterpart Organisation: Luxembourg Chambre de Commerce
Counterpart Chairperson: Barbara Chevalier
Company: CFL Multimodal- Director Strategy and Development 

Luxembourg has the highest per-capita income in the EU and is the third highest in the world. It also has the highest Personal Consumption Expenditure Index in Europe, also, it shares borders with three most industrialised countries on the European continent: Germany, France and Belgium. Luxembourg, known as a global financial centre and situated at the heart of Europe, has a strong, stable and high-income economy combined with low inflation and high growth rates, and with excellent access to Europe’s biggest markets.  

All these factors make the country a favourable destination for foreign direct investments and an ideal partner for a Business Council. On 21 November 2013, on the occasion of a state visit by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg to Türkiye, DEİK and the Luxembourg Chambre de Commerce signed a Declaration of Understanding which led to the establishment of the DEİK/Türkiye-Luxembourg Business Council.

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