Year of Establishment: 1991
Founder Chairperson: Hüseyin Bayraktar
Chairperson representing Türkiye: Ali Kibar
Company: Kibar Holding A.Ş.
Counterpart Organisation: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania 
Counterpart Chairperson: Mihai Daraban
Company: Chair

The DEİK/Türkiye-Romania Business Council’s Turkish side was established in 1991, it took however until 26 Mart 1996 for the Counterpart Organisation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania, to be fully operational and sign the Agreement of Establishment.

The Council’s activities are focussed on spreading the economic ties to other regions.  One such region is dominated by Romania’s second most important town, Constanta. The city, located at the Black Sea, is an important sea link to Turkish coastal cities in the region. The countries entertain friendly political ties and intensive contacts, which have a strong positive impact on the relations between the two countries’ business communities. The Business Council uses joint meetings and events organised on the occasion of high-level state visits to encourage Turkish companies to invest and trade with Romania.

As business expands, Turkish companies are already quite busy adding new investments to their current stock. However, at times the image of Turkish firms has suffered as a result of low-quality products and financial problems. Despite such temporary setbacks, the Council is determined to continue its promotion of bilateral relations on a regional and business sector basis.  

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